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Reading Group Guides for Learning to Fall

Two different guides are available:

1.  Guide for reading groups discussing Learning to Fall in a single session.

If your group devotes only one session to a book, this is the guide you want.  Themes and discussion questions are provided for each of the book's 12 essays.  Click here for a printable version.


2.  Guide for groups discussing Learning to Fall over multiple sessions.

This guide is designed for groups devoting multiple sessions to a discussion of the book, and which are interested in discussions of a more personal and spiritual nature. Appropriate for temple- or church-based reading groups and other groups with a fair degree of openness and trust among members.

How to use this guide:

Below you'll find links to 12 sessions, one for each of the book's essays. Each session is designed to lead the group through a process of exploration and discovery concerning a core personal or spiritual issue. Each session consists of four elements:

--"Opening Words."  It is recommended that the group leader or facilitator read these aloud.

--"Preparation."  Take 5 to 8 minutes to respond to these questions in writing.  This provides a brief period for individual reflection, preparing for the discussion to follow.

--"Discussion." Questions the facilitator may use to initiate and guide discussion.

-- "Closing Words."  Group leader or other member reads these aloud to bring the session to a close.

Click on the links below to access the individual sessions:

Session 1: Mystery

Session 2: Acceptance

Session 3: Imperfection

Session 4: Unfinished Lives

Session 5: Wildness

Session 6: Solitude and Community

Session 7: Resurrections

Session 8: Ways of Seeing

Session 9: Emptiness and Silence

Session 10: Busyness

Session 11: Your True Home

Session 12: Eternal Life

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